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Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle: A Complete Review

Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle: A Complete Review

If you are looking for a collection of high-quality audio plugins that can handle any stage of the production chain, from tracking and mixing to mastering and post-production, you might want to check out the Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle. This bundle contains all the plugins that Sonalksis has to offer, including EQs, compressors, gates, expanders, dynamic EQs, and more. In this article, we will review the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle, and help you decide if it is worth your money.

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What is Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle?

Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle is a package of 11 audio plugins that are designed to emulate the sound and behavior of analog circuits. The plugins use state-space technology to model the physical characteristics of real hardware components, such as capacitors, resistors, transformers, and tubes. The result is a warm, natural, and musical sound that can enhance any audio material.

The plugins included in the bundle are:

  • SV-315Mk2 Compressor: A versatile compressor/limiter with true analog characteristics.

  • SV-517Mk2 Equaliser: A seven-band equaliser with various filter styles and modes.

  • SV-719 Analogue Gate: A multi-functional processor that can act as a gate, expander, ducker, or de-esser.

  • CQ1 Multiband Compander: A frequency-selective dynamics processor that can compress or expand four adjustable filter bands.

  • DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser: A dynamic equaliser that can adjust the filter gain according to the input signal level.

  • FreeG: A free gain fader with fine control and metering options.

  • MaxLimit: A mastering limiter with intelligent look-ahead and adaptive release algorithms.

  • MultiLimit: A multiband mastering limiter with five adjustable bands and crossover filters.

  • StereoTools: A stereo imaging processor with width, balance, pan, and phase controls.

  • Uber Compressor: A flexible compressor with variable knee, ratio, attack, release, and makeup gain parameters.

  • Creative Elements: A suite of three creative plugins that can add distortion, modulation, or delay effects to your audio.

What are the benefits of Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle?

Some of the benefits of using Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle are:

  • You get a complete set of tools that can cover any audio processing task you need.

  • You get a consistent and coherent sound across all the plugins, thanks to the state-space technology.

  • You get a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and adjust.

  • You get a low CPU usage and latency performance that can handle large projects and complex setups.

  • You get a flexible licensing system that allows you to use the plugins on multiple computers and platforms.

What are the drawbacks of Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle?

Some of the drawbacks of using Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle are:

  • You need a keygen to activate the plugins, which might not be legal or safe to use.

  • You do not get any updates or support from the developer, as the plugins are discontinued and no longer available on their website.

  • You do not get any presets or manuals for the plugins, which might make it harder to learn how to use them effectively.

Is Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle worth it?

Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle is a great option for anyone who wants a collection of high-quality analog-sounding plugins that can handle any audio processing task. The plugins are easy to use, sound great, and perform well on most systems. However, you should be aware of the risks and limitations of using a keygen to activate them, as well as the lack of updates and support from the developer. If you are comfortable with these issues, then Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle might be worth your money. Otherwise, you might want 29c81ba772


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