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Each month a SAIL member will be chosen who has exhibited leadership qualities in advocacy. The chosen member will receive a SAIL Star! certificate AND a $10 gift card.


Criteria to be eligible:

· Get at least one new SAIL member signed up

· Step out in Leadership—Examples:

  ~ Talk to a legislator

   ~ Speak to a group about advocacy

   ~ Write a blog post for SAIL on the System

   ~ Other ideas? Talk to Jessica Renner

Each month a winner will be chosen from those SAIL members who submit their name to Jessica and meet the above criteria. Let’s see who are SAIL Star! leaders are! Didn’t win this month? Keep trying, as your efforts add up! For more information contact Jessica Renner at

Chris Purnell Award

The Chris Purnell Award has been given out since 2004 in honer of Chris Purnell a strong disability advocate from Ellensburg, Washington who was never afraid to challenge the status quo. Chris had a great spirit and hard work ethic and someone that made friends with everyone he met.

Chris Purnell Award Winners

Sharon Jodock-King

Sharon Jodock-King
    2012 Recipient


Anthony Nash II
2022 Recipient 


  Eric Matthes

2019 Recipient


Jessica Renner
2024 Recipient 

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