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Transportation barriers by Mike Gantalla

I use TAP. (Transportation Assistance Program) TAP connects people who are more than 3/4 mile from a regular bus stop. Anyone outside 3/4 mile from a regular stop are automatically outside the area serviced by DART.

TAP’s rides are limited. No weekend or evening rides. And I often have to rearrange my schedule to fit with people who need a ride to the Kidney Center.

I cannot go to programs outside my county. If I do want to participate in a program like PACE offers I have to change buses at the county line. Eve if it’s only 3blocks over the line. The bus cannot leave me so the driver and the bus have to wait until the next bus shows up to transfer me onto. That takes a lot of time for people in wheelchairs. We have use a lift and our wheelchair has to be strapped down in four places. When changing buses that procedure has to be repeated in reverse to unload and repeated to load onto another bus. Waisting my time, bus drivers time and until I’m off the first bus it is OUT OF SERVICE!

We need complete rides that take us all the way to our destination. Mike Gantala/Self Advocate

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